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Kathy Chao

kathyKathy has practiced over 24 years in public accounting providing accounting, auditing, tax services, management advice and business strategy consulting to clients in industries ranging from high-tech, biotech, venture capital, real estate development and management, professional services, governmental entities and many more. Other areas of expertise include international tax compliance and planning for multinational companies, transfer pricing analysis and studies. She has served clients ranging from individuals, trusts, estates, partnerships, closely held corporations to publicly traded corporations.

Fluent in several Chinese dialects, Kathy is able to bridge culture differences of the East and West. Understanding and being able to express the views and concerns of both cultures can play a large part in the success of meeting management needs while maintaining integrity in the business operations. She often finds these skills instrumental in numerous situations during her career.

Jeff Ira

jeffJeff brings more than 30 years of experience to C.G. Uhlenberg. Since joining the firm in 1984, Jeff has advised clients with a multitude of business needs in financial consulting and accounting services, including tax, trust and estate planning, valuations, mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions and succession planning. He also provides litigation support and has testified as an expert witness at several trials. As a result of his involvement with his clients, he has helped them enjoy improved efficiencies and greater profitability. He has developed a relationship with clients based on creativity, integrity and trust.

Jeff cares about his community and his clients, which enables him to make a difference. He has been on the City Council in Redwood City for 16 years and served as the Mayor of Redwood City, twice. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors at a number of community organizations. This involvement creates a unique ability to view things from a different perspective, which has been invaluable to our governmental and not-for-profit clients.

Jenn Dermon

Jenn’s nearly 25 years of accounting experience has spanned across various roles and companies here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Before rejoining C.G. Uhlenberg in 2006, Jenn held manager and director level positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cisco, Borland and Mercury Interactive.  Being a part of C.G. Uhlenberg allows Jenn to do the work she finds the most rewarding –  helping client’s one-on-one through their financial successes and issues.  Whether it be yearly task of preparing income tax returns or providing complex, litigation support, she enjoys working with the client to make the experience as transparent, efficient and reliable as possible.  Jenn’s favorite part of being a CPA is developing the long-term relationship with clients.  In addition to providing individual and business tax services, Jenn has expertise in fiduciary (court) accounting for trusts and estates as well as helping small business owners with their accounting needs, including compilation and review engagements.